Yellow Fowers – Softening Their Late Summer Display

The yellow and yellow-gold blooms of Rudbeckia, Helianthus, Heliopsis, and Coreopsis are often the stars of the late summer border.  Even late blooming daylilies can get in on the show.

As beautiful as these yellows are, they seem to be at their best when paired with plants of contrasting colors and/or textures. The combinations are endless.

Perennials such as ornamental grasses, aster novae-angliae, sedums, buddleia, autumn clematis, achillea, and phlox make excellent companions. Except for grasses and autumn clematis, these perennials come in pink, purples, and shades of red. Achillea comes in even more colors.

Self-seeding annuals like opal basil, summer pointsetta, and verbena bonariensis are easy and beautiful companions as well.

Pick the combination you want and keep trying a new one every year until you find your favorite.

Here are some pictures from my borders to help you decide what you might like.


Rudbeckia, mum foliage, sedums, barberry and other plants.



Heliopsis, opal basil, summer poinsetta, and autumn clematis.



Late blooming daylilies, phlox and buddleia in lower left corner.



Helianthus and sedum.  The show changes each week as the sedum continues to deepen in color to rust red.

To see pictures of what the sedum will look like in a few weeks go to this post.


Phlox and Giant Rudbeckia.



Helianthus, phlox, and Yaku Jima Japanese Silver Grass.



Giant Rudbeckia and Verbena bonariensis.  The highway is between this border and the corn field, but you can’t see it in the picture.



Helianthus, sedum, opal basil and artemesia.



Small clumps of dazzling yellow Rudbeckia can be paired with various perennials to create pleasant surprises throughout your borders without being overwhelming.

The secret to having these dazzling mounds of yellow look softer and more wonderful is in combining them with other plants of contrasting colors and textures.

Why not plan a few combinations now and make a note to be ready to put them in either this fall or next spring. Let me know about all the compliments you get.


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1 comment to Yellow Fowers – Softening Their Late Summer Display

  • Toni

    What a lovely way to spend my early Sunday morning but to wander my way through your beautiful gardens. What lovely combinations of color and textures. Thank you for some wonderful ideas.

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