Want Flower Gardens That Are Beautiful for Decades with Little Attention?

Bill saw a previous neighbor in the grocery story one day recently. As always, she mentioned to him how beautiful her lilies still look that she bought from me some 20 years ago.

What’s so special about that? Well, here’s the story.

When people buy daylilies from me (or any other flower for that matter), they usually ask me how to prepare the soil and what they should do to take care of them. I use to volunteer a detailed explanation. Then I learned that most people go away and do what they’re programmed to do rather than what I’ve told them to do. So I shortened my explanation to

  • prepare your soil deeply
  • add organic matter
  • mulch

That’s it in a nutshell. That’s all you have to do to be successful in the garden with flowers or vegetables.

A Great Success Story

Florine (my ex-neighbor) was about the last person I ever expected to purchase plants from me. She had never expressed an interest in any form of gardening. And although she started asking me about flowers the minute she got out of the car that day she stopped by many years ago, I still had no idea why she really stopped. I finally point blank asked her why. And when she said she wanted to buy daylilies, I didn’t really believe her.

Come to find out that WAS exactly what she wanted. She told me where she planned to put them and how long the bed would be. Then told me color and bloom time and I recommended two of my finest and strongest growing daylilies that perfectly fit her needs. (That’s an advantage of buying daylilies from me. I can tell you which ones best suit your needs.)

After we finalized things, she asked me how to prepare the bed and how to take care of them. I gave my standard short but truthful answer, as given above.

Florine continued to ask questions. Many questions. Which I answered.

I ended up telling her how wide the bed should be, how deeply she should prepare it, what organic matter she could add, the proper spacing between the lilies to reach her easy-care goal, and what she could use as mulch.

Then she asked, “How often should I water?” She just about fell over (with glee) when I told her to water them  when first planted and she’d never have to water again.

Then she wanted to know when to divide them and I told her I’d never divided mine in the 15 years I had had them. And didn’t plan on doing so unless something unusual came about. (Which it did. I moved.)

She was beside herself learning how easy this beautiful bed was going to be! The initial bed preparation was the only real work that would be involved.

What Other People Told Florine

Although I don’t remember the exact month, it had been very hot. Three days later Florine called to tell me the task was complete and that she’d done everything according to instruction.

She also told me that her neighbor (who had bought plants from me earlier) said to her, “Well, they should be alright if you water everyday.” Florine quickly told the neighbor that I had said she would not have to water after the first time of “watering-in.” The neighbor replied, “Then they’ll die.”

In addition to that advice, her daughter told her that she would have to separate (thin) the lilies every 2 or 3 years to get them to continue blooming. Florine repeated what I had said about that.

The Rest of the Story

All this took place more than 20 years ago. The then new bed has never been watered except with rain from the sky. (And yes, we have droughts here in Virginia.) The bed is kept mulched.

Whenever we run into each other, she tells us that the lilies make a spectacular show every year and that the neighbors are in awe of the beautiful display.

The Reason for her Faith

Now that I look back on that, I see that Florine had a big advantage over most gardeners. She had not been programmed to think you HAVE TO water and fertilize. Because of that non-programming, in addition to seeing my gardens everyday as she passed my house for 15 years, she had the faith to know that I was telling her correctly.

Being successful in organic gardening is not complicated. You can have gorgeous flower borders without much effort and little maintenance.

How I Know

Sandra, a reader of TMG, has written to me several times and told me, “One of the things that sets you apart is that you know the difference between tried and true advice as opposed to the stuff we read in those ‘generic’ learn-to-garden books.”

All You Need to Know to be Successful is in My Book

My book, Organic Gardening – Cutting Through the Hype to the 3 Keys to Successful Gardening, does just that. It cuts through the hype of 4 popular things you don’t have to fuss with unless you want to. And then it gives you the details on the 3 simple keys to successful gardening. It gives you tried and true advice and the easy way to be successful with organic gardening – flowers or vegetables.

It’s the information you need, packaged in a size you can easily carry with you.

I want you to be successful and there’s no reason you can’t be. The choice is yours to make! Why not order now to make sure you get a copy.

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1 comment to Want Flower Gardens That Are Beautiful for Decades with Little Attention?

  • Betty Dotson

    ok. I’m ordering now. Not the book – I already have that. I’m making a list of daylilies as well as some other flowers. I have several beds in their 3rd year, a couple in their 2nd year & worked 3 days this week on new ones!

    Lord willing, I will have as any feet as I can prepare of a new border around the inside of the vegetable garden fence prepared by sundown Saturday! Please be thinking of any daylilies, iris, etc, that that you are most pleased with & can bear to part with. I have an order for seed going out to Diane tomorrow. Herbs, a few more lettuces (I have 16 new ones already) tomatoes, radishes, beets & the rest FLOWERS!

    I’ll email you no later than early next week. So excited!

    As usual, I can’t thank you enough,

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