Flower Borders – Charts Can be Limiting

Your circumstances, weather and soil conditions, and what needs to be done are good indicators of what tasks you can do at any given time in the year. Better, in fact, than the information in charts you might see listing  tasks and what months they need to be done. The charts could be helpful to some, but I would suggest not limiting yourself to the information given in them.

Drought usually prevails here in Virginia during most of the summer.  Generally speaking it’s impossible to dig in my borders in the summer because of dry desert-like soil.

This year I’ve experienced the most unusual summertime conditions for our area: – rain in due season. Because of that I’ve been able to perform certain tasks that could never have been done at this time in prior years.

The rain brought the most lush growth I’ve ever seen on day lilies and many other perennials.  My borders were dense and full.  Wall to wall plants. Not such a good thing when you think of the need for air circulation —-  a great universal principle for  good garden and border health.

Because the soil was moist and workable even into July, I was able to remove those plants necessary to open up the borders — not only for the purpose of good air circulation — but to make them more visually appealing as well.

Some late summer bloomers — such as asters — were divided and transplanted as late as June and continued growing towards bloom time like they hadn’t been moved.

Usually — when the soil is bone dry — I have to mark whatever it is I want to move or take out, then make a note to do it, and then schedule in the task at some future time.  So much easier when I can look — see what needs to be done — and do it.  Finished.

Charts are fine.  Just don’t get locked into using them, or you’ll miss some great opportunities to save you time and help you accomplish the look you want for your flower borders even more quickly.


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