An Heirloom Daylily that blooms in May!

As beautiful as the modern daylily hybrids are — with their large flowers, gorgeous color combinations, ruffles, watermarks, and other elaborations —- there is another world of daylilies that is oh so different — but just as wonderful. It’s the world of species and early hybrid daylilies and it’s mostly unknown.

Noteworthy Attributes

Retaining the classic lily shape that has been bred out of the modern day lilies, they add simplistic elegance to flower gardens.

Side view of Elizabeth's Gold Dust showing her cinnamon dusting on the sepals.

Side view of Elizabeth’s Gold Dust showing her cinnamon dusting on the sepals.

In early spring Elizabeth’s Gold Dust with it’s profuse bloom and simple, small gold colored cinnamon-shaded trumpet adds a striking note against a background of intense green foliage in my borders. It combines with irises, geraniums, columbines, dianthus, iberis and other early spring bloomers to delight my eye and surprise every visitor to my garden. Without exception they exclaim in disbelief, “Are those day lilies!?”


Cloaked in Mystery

Elizabeth's Gold Dust in bloom with a poppy in early spring.

Elizabeth’s Gold Dust in bloom with a poppy in early spring.

Thanks to my friend Betsy, I’ve enjoyed this wonderful extra early spring bloomer for more than 20 years, although without a clue to its history. I’m in good company however because a collector of heirloom lilies recently commented, “Gardeners who grow them must be able to tolerate some uncertainty —.”

I recently discovered that in all probability I have been enjoying one of several of the early hybrids that was created about 1905 by a British schoolmaster — George Yeld —who grew daylilies as a hobby. It’s called Gold Dust and from what I understand it’s one of the most rare.

Elizabeth's Gold Dust bloom

Heirloom – Elizabeth’s Gold Dust bloom

For years I referred to this lily as Early Betsy — making reference to my friend and the lily’s bloom time. Since discovering its probable history I’ve renamed it Elizabeth’s Gold Dust — because I wanted to credit my friend (using her formal name rather than nickname) and the lily’s likely identity.

Never an Over Abundance

Although Elizabeth’s Gold Dust is a strong grower, I never have an over abundance. Two reasons account for that. Number 1 – I like to distribute it throughout my borders for that delightful sparkle in early spring and Number 2 – there is always a demand for ones I can spare.


Elizabeth's Gold Dust in bloom

Elizabeth’s Gold Dust in bloom

Daylilies are easy to transplant and grow

If you’ve had wonderful rains “in due season” like we’ve had here in my area of Virginia — it’s a great time to order and plant daylilies.

If you live in some place that is bone dry already — you may want to have me ship your Elizabeth’s Gold Dust in the Fall.  If so — go ahead an order so I can reserve your roots for you and then email me ( that you want the roots to ship in the fall. (Any plant that is just getting started may not be up to surviving drought before its established.)

Daylilies are survivors — carefree and easy-to-grow perennials.  But they will grow more lush and more profusely in deeply prepare soil with good organic matter and at least 6 hours of sun.

Elizabeth's Gold Dust in bloom.

Elizabeth’s Gold Dust in bloom.

Size of roots

A lot of times I see advertisements by different suppliers of daylilies that say they ship large roots.  The thing they don’t tell you is that not all daylilies have large roots.

Some daylilies – like Elizabeth’s Gold Dust have small roots.  Even the well-known and much acclaimed rebloomer Stella De oro has small roots.  But it’s compact mounded foliage, vigorous growth and phenomenal blooming make it one of the most widely grown daylilies of all times.

Free Gift of Stella when you order 9 crowns

If you order 9 crowns of Elizabeth’s Gold Dust — I want you to have a gift from me: At least 9 crowns of Stella De Oro.

Everyone should have a least one clump of this gold lily with mounded foliage that dependably blooms again after resting from its first bloom time.  It’s blooming right now in my borders (June 5, 2013).

Bloom of Stella De Oro lily -

Bloom of Stella De Oro lily

If you don’t want to receive this gift — just email me and let me know not to include it with your order. (

When I Dig

I will dig your order just before shipping and package it myself.


Final Thoughts
Of all the plants to enjoy and acquire, I can promise you that the heirloom daylily – Elizabeth’s Gold Dust – will be one that you will always be glad you have.

And of course, it’s a great gift for anyone who loves flowers.

Order before you forget. I’ll look forward to hearing from you.


Elizabeth's Gold Dust bloom

Heirloom – Elizabeth’s Gold Dust bloom

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